For most of my life, I didn’t care much about the décor in my house.

I had a mash-up of furniture acquired over time and random photos on the wall, if there was anything at all.

My house was cluttered. Nothing had a place. My house was telling me a story: clutter, clutter, clutter. Most of my clutter was nicely hidden, but I was filled with dread when someone opened a drawer or a closet door.

There was no flow to the rooms. The colors were bland. I’d never sat down and thought about what kind of mood I wanted each room to create, what the primary purpose of the room was, or even considered what actually looked good. My house looked exactly like the thoughts in my head. One that tells a story of a family running around constantly with working parents and a lot of overwhelm.

My drawers were bursting at the seams because my mind was bursting at its seam. One of the most impactful parts on my journey to happiness was to start being intentional about my spaces so they fed my soul, not sucked the life out of it.

In my house. In my car. In my life.

I wanted to walk into my home and love it. I wanted to sit in my living room and feel a sense of peace and openness for conversation. I wanted to walk into my kitchen and have nicely organized drawers and cabinets so I could cook to my heart’s content without wasting time trying to find that thing. I wanted my bathroom to feel like an exquisite spa. I wanted to walk in and immediately relax and say ahhhh.

I wanted every space in my home to be sacred. A sacred space for creating memories, slowing down, and being fully present with the people you love.

So I went on a mission to redesign every space in my home to create the sensation I desired when I entered. And I needed help because I didn’t know where to start, so I hired Allison Nelson to help me and I’m so glad I did. Her perspectives were invaluable.